Hello everyone,

I hope and trust everyone has been enjoying the magnificent weather. We are hard at work finalising the budget for the new financial year – an unenviable task when we have so little reliable information to work with. Not knowing when we will be allowed to re-open the bar and clubhouse, go back to normal gaps between 4 balls etc. makes this very difficult. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to cut every conceivable expense and make golf as affordable for our members as possible in the year ahead. More information on that soon.

Covid-19 compliance

I have just attended a compliance webinar which included all the updates as published on the 12th July. Westlake is compliant, BUT there is a caveat. Paragraph 6D in the latest regulations (which we will get on Monday) speaks of members and staff being jointly and severally responsible for anyone catching Covid as a result of any negligence by ANYONE and criminal liability has been mentioned.

I am no lawyer, but it simply means that we are ALL responsible for following ALL guidelines religiously and dealing with any breaking of the rules swiftly. I appeal to everyone to assist us in ensuring we follow all guidelines:

• When you arrive at the gate and the guard is helping a visitor, wait for him to finish and come and record your temperature. Don’t use your tag and enter without this vital step. We need a complete record of every single person entering the premises to be compliant. (We have purchased a new thermometer to replace the faulty one).
• Wear a mask at all times until you are on the golf course. You may only remove your mask when you are 3 metres away from anyone else while playing “vigorous sport”.
• Wear your mask when coming in to halfway house. MANY members are neglecting to do this and putting staff in potential danger.
• Sanitise and/or wash your hands regularly. If using a table for halfway, make use of the sanitiser to clean the table.
• Social distancing everywhere is important. Stay out of the admin offices, watch your spacing on the driving range and practice green and don’t crowd anywhere.

I realise we sound like a stuck record, but inspectors are checking clubs and we do not want to lose the privilege of playing the game we love. Thanks for your assistance in this regard.

The results from the Saturday competition in Monday’s newsletter had the morning and afternoon fields swopped around. Our apologies for this. The correct results are below.

Saturday 18th July 2020
Format: 4 Ball Betterball Stableford

Morning field

1st – Christian Els, Michael Els – 47 – R250
2nd – Tim Watkins-Baker, Chris Loundes – 45 – R200
3rd – Andy William, Jeremy Park – 44 – R150
4th – Cedric Jewell, Neil Hutchinson – 44 c/out – R100

Afternoon field

1st – Peter M Davis, Alex Mannion – 49 – R250
2nd – Peter Ward, Dave Petrie – 46 c/in – R200
3rd – Ron Fasol, Richard Perrow – 46 c/out – R150
4th – Walter Weidekehr, Bob Caldwell – 46 – R100

Tuesday, 21st July 2020
Format: 4BBB Stableford

1st: Louise Mulholland & Gill Baxter 43pts
2nd: Julie Clifton & Tinya Alhadeff 43pts
3rd: Marilyn Franklin & Brigitte Parker 42pts
4th: Morag Magnussen & Ursula Sa Couto 41pts C/I

Wednesday, 22nd July 2020
Format: 4BBB Stableford

1st: Vince Conway & Glenn Gibbons 47pts C/I
2nd: Oliver Mouries & Michael Hardwick 47pts C/I
3rd: Mark Russell & Rudi Hauschild 45pts C/I
4th: Rory Anderson & Nigel Pearce 45pts C/O

Good scores:

Glenn Gibbons 83-17 = 66 net
Mark Russell 95-28 = 67 net
Micky Claassens 87-19= 68 net

With regard to competitions, please note that the Saturday Competition is compulsory all day. Wednesday Competitions are voluntary in the morning and compulsory in the afternoon. We will also include good scores in the newsletter going forward.

Kindly note that you need to fill in your scorecard completely and indicate your good score please. The timeline between us reviewing the scorecards and publishing the newsletters is very tight. A special work of thanks to the Golf Ops team who have been working tirelessly to accommodate all our members and their requests.

More info on Chris Beckett

We mentioned the untimely passing of Chris Beckett in Monday’s newsletter. His son Matthew sent me a little extra information. Chris’ daughter is Catherine Beckett, a previous Westlake ladies champion. She now lives in the UK. Matthew himself is a very good golfer too and the whole family were active members of Westlake some years ago.

According to Matthew, Chris’ main thing was always, “slow and steady, just swing slow and steady.” As mentioned on Monday, there will be a wake at the club once the pandemic is over.

Thank you!

Caddie and Casual fund

A special word of thanks to all the members who have so unselfishly donated funds towards the caddies and staff. Your kindness has kept many families fed over the duration of lockdown and we salute you for this.

Club house

The rules introduced under level 3 remain intact. Only toilets may be accessed in the clubhouse for now. However, we will be placing limited seating on the forecourt or tee boxes (weather dependant) to give you a place to sit and eat your halfway house grab ‘n go.

Please note that sanitisation of these tables is everyone’s responsibility. There will be a spray bottle of sanitiser on each table. Kindly spray your table when you leave or arrive, to ensure your and others’ safety.

It is still recommended that each golfer carries their own sanitiser with them at all times. In addition, the wash area outside halfway house is once again open to wash your hands. Feel free to make use of this. PLEASE NOTE the water fountain outside halfway is NOT in operation. Benches on the course will no longer be wrapped in danger tape, but self-sanitising is once again your responsibility, if you wish to make use of a bench. Please take this seriously as we are all ultimately responsible for one another’s safety when sharing our course.


Ex-Captain Martin Hill raised a very valid point with me yesterday. In years gone by, there were no bunker rakes. Golfers used their shoe and smoothed out the areas they had trodden on. He recommended that every golfer simply do that when they use a bunker. Great advice!

Takeaway and frozen ready meals

Our Chef and his team are itching to start making some tasty home-cooked food for you all. One way that we can earn the club a little extra income, is to provide take-away meals after golf. Chef Deon and his team are hard at work with menus and will be making meals available for members to buy and take home. These will be packaged in microwave friendly containers and in portions of 2 and 4.

The set-up will be the same as our alcohol sales venture. Members can email Deon their order two days in advance at chef@westlakegolfclub.co.za stating the day they want the food.
The food will be made fresh on the day of pick-up.

The Menu

• Chicken Curry & Rice with Sambals (Meal for two @ R130 / Meal for four @ R260)
(Slow cooked chicken thigh portions, smothered in a piquant curry sauce served with Basmati Rice & onion, tomato, coriander & chilli sambal)

• Tagliatelle Bolognaise (Meal for two @ R90 / Meal for four @ R180)
(Fresh home-made pasta cooked to perfection & topped with our secret Bolognaise sauce & sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese)

• Vegetarian Cannelloni (Meal for two @ R80 / Meal for four @ R160)
(Fresh home-made pasta sheets filled with roasted butternut & feta & smothered with our secret Aurora sauce & topped with a two-cheese sprinkle)

Have a super week and enjoy the amazing weather,
David & the Westlake Team