Still we wait..

Hello everyone,

It has been a topsy, turvy week with numerous false starts regarding the return to golf. Golf is still closed.

Amazingly, professional golfers may practice, but the irony is that the courses where they would do this practicing remain closed. It makes no sense to re-open your course for 1 or 2 professionals to enjoy a round and pay all the associated costs. There are ongoing behind the scenes discussions between GolfRSA and the Ministry of Sport to try and find a solution that will allow us to re-open, but as of Wednesday morning, nothing was forthcoming yet.

Needless to say we are all frustrated and a little worried, but remain optimistic that we will be permitted to return soon.

Westlake GC liquor service

You will all have seen earlier this week that we may now sell alcohol for consumption at home. The initial response has been fantastic and I must thank everyone who has placed an order. We are hampered by 2 factors:

· Suppliers – we have to place our orders and pay in full before the order will be dispatched, which is longer that in the past.
· Limited hours – Monday to Thursday only, so no deliveries or collections on Fridays.

Despite this we are very happy to be able to provide this service to you all and you can see the procedure and available stock here. Please continue to support us. We have only marked the price up to bottle store levels, so you get a great deal and support your club, while avoiding queues and staying safe.

You can order any time at, but remember the collection hours of 14h00 – 17h00, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. So if you ordered by Wednesday morning by 9am, you will receive an invoice from Nick which you can pay by EFT and collect tomorrow afternoon.

Club news

Some of you will already be using the Clubmaster App. There have been numerous updates to this application and it is really user friendly. Go and have a look in the App store if you don’t already have it. Great features for when we finally return. PS. It’s free.

As alluded to in my report to you all last Friday, we will be sending out a short members’ survey in the next day or two. It will be short and only take a minute or two to complete. We would be very grateful if you would all take the time to give us your answers. It will be a big help in assisting us with budgeting for the new financial year. Thanks in advance.

The course remains lush and in good shape. Raymonds’ small team continue to work hard, keeping the growth in check and ensuring that as soon as we have the green light to re-open, we can do so as quickly as possible.

Another big word of thanks to everyone for your generous contributions to our caddie and casual staff funds. The Slogs got together and raised almost R15 000 last week – a fantastic effort. There have been some seriously generous individual donations too. We can’t thank you all enough. We are keeping 30 families fed thanks to your kindness.

The bank details are the following in case anyone would like to contribute.

Westlake Golf Club
Bank: Nedbank
Acc #: 1130996441
Branch #: 123209
Please use “Lockdown Cad”, “Lockdown Cas” or “Lockdown Staff” as your payment reference for the 3 options.

The owners of golf carts stored at the club are permitted to pop in and check on your carts and batteries under level 3. Security have been informed. Please respect the fact that the club remains closed though and just attend to your cart at the garage. We may not allow anyone on the course yet unfortunately.

Let’s hope we have better news next week regarding golf. Enjoy your drinks and please remember to answer the survey when it arrives.

Have a good week!
David & this fantastic team of people

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