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Tasty takeaway meals on offer

Hello everyone, I hope and trust everyone has been enjoying the magnificent weather. We are hard at work finalising the budget for the new financial year – an unenviable task when we have so little reliable information to work with. Not knowing when we will be allowed to re-open the bar and clubhouse, go back to [...]

July 23rd, 2020|

It’s great being a Westlake member!

Hello everyone, I hope and trust you all escaped any damaged caused by the storm. The wonder of Cape winters is these beautiful days between cold fronts. What a stunning day as I write this! Club champs The decision has been taken to cancel Club Champs for 2020. The team considered a great many factors before [...]

July 17th, 2020|

Help us keep the course great

Hello everyone, Another week has passed in this crazy new world we now live in. There are a number of important issues this week and we need to emphasize some of these. The idea is not to offend anyone, especially if you are innocent of any wrong-doing, but please give the matters the attention they deserve. [...]

July 11th, 2020|

Lots of news

Hello everyone, Another bumper newsletter this week. I don’t usually use this platform for anything other than club related matters so forgive this lapse, but congrats to all Liverpool supporters. 30 years is a long wait! Chatting to numerous people this week, it seems the only thing we can be certain of is change. Regulations for [...]

July 2nd, 2020|