Lockdown heroes

Hello everyone,

Last week we were getting excited about being able to book golf and the lockdown ending tomorrow. Unfortunately this all changed with the President extending the lockdown.

This week I would like to concentrate on a more personal side to our business and especially a few individuals who are going far beyond what is expected.

• Our security provider at the club is Committee member, Brendan Mackay Leslie. Obviously security is a vital service that we cannot do without, especially in this period. Unfortunately for Brendan, many of his guards are unable to get to and from work and he is very short-staffed. As the night shift requires 2 guards to ensure the club is secure, he is using his available staff there. That left the day shift from 6am to 6pm unmanned. As a result, Brendan stepped up on the 28th March and has been guarding the club personally, 12 hours a day, every day since the lockdown began. This is real dedication and should be commended! Thank you Brendan.
Raymond, our greenkeeper, Grant, the assistant greenkeeper and a small group of dedicated employees have been keeping the course cut, ensuring that when we return, we aren’t faced with 5 weeks of growth and the resultant chaos that would create. They put in long hours that a much larger team usually manage and should be commended for their hard work. Well done!

An interesting challenge that has resulted from the extended lockdown is catering at the club. Prior to all the Covid-19 uproar, we had a finely tuned plan in place and our catering staff would have had almost 2 weeks to do training and ensure they were ready to open on 1 May. The lockdown brought Peter and Lindsay’s service to a premature and unfortunate end and we have had to re-evaluate our entire plan. We appointed a chef and one assistant, but have not been able to purchase all the necessary equipment, build our new pizza oven or meet with suppliers, due to everyone being closed. However Nick and I both love a challenge and together with Chef Deon, we have been hard at work preparing recipes, costings and getting in touch with supplier contacts to ensure we hit the ground running once we are allowed back. It will be a measured approach but we will ensure the new department is up and running as quickly as possible.

When we are permitted to re-open, Raymond will have a great deal of work to do, as will all the clubhouse staff. We will wait to hear what the President says closer to the 30th April deadline before committing to any dates. I will keep everyone updated closer to the time. This also relates to golf bookings.

The admin staff continue to work away behind the scenes and my biggest task has been the UIF-Ters submissions which have certainly been challenging. The Committee remain dedicated and involved and I must thank them for their ongoing support.

Something else that may interest everyone is the fantastic bond that exists between all the Club General Managers in the Western Cape. They are unique group of people and we all assist one another daily with information, assistance and advice, ensuring we are all up to date. It is a very rewarding part of my job and the help we all give one another ensures all our clubs benefit greatly.

The funds raised for the caddies and bar casuals will be used to assist them this week. The total money raised is a phenomenal R48 750. A huge word of thanks for your generosity! That does get split between 27 families however, which doesn’t go that far over a 5 week period. If anyone else would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause, you are most welcome to do so.

The bank details are as follows:

Westlake Golf Club
Bank: Nedbank
Acc #: 1130996441
Branch #: 123209
Please use “Lockdown Cad” or “Lockdown Cas” as your payment reference for Caddies or Casuals.

Last week I asked that anyone who was so inclined send in pics related to your golf practice and activities at home. So far no more have been received, but have a look at my own temporary measure in the back garden .. Time to fix our divots! Feel free to send me any pics for everyone to enjoy to manager@westlakegolfclub.co.za


Have a good week and stay safe,
David & the team

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