Members from Westlake Golf Club participate in 6 different “Men’s Leagues” in Western Province thoughout the year.

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The Premier League consists of 8 players and is the Top League in the Western Province, featuring the top amateur golfers from all the clubs in the Union. The team is selected mainly on Merit and Club Championships results. The Premier League is played on a Sunday and the format is 18 hole foursomes match-play in the morning and 18 holes singles match-play in the afternoon.

Mid Am

This league is for players 30 years and older. It is mainly made up of lower handicaps as the format is Better Ball match-play over 18 holes off scratch. The team consists of 8 players and is played on a home and away basis. (4 players at home and 4 players away) It is a very competitive league and a highly sought after trophy to win.

1st Challenge

This League is also played over 18 holes off a scratch handicap, but consists of singles match play with a team of 8 players on a home and away basis. Traditionally many younger members have played in this league, but it is open to all ages of membership with handicaps between 0 – 8.


Open to all Prentice members, this league is contested by all the top juniors in the Province. The team consists of 4 players and is played in a singles match-play format. Junior League is played on a Sunday over 18 holes.


For players of 50 and up, this is also a very competitive league and the format is Betterball Stableford off scratch over 18 holes. This league is made up of 8 players on a home and away basis.

Super Seniors

Teams of 4 players, playing off scratch compete for the League Shield in this league. Only players aged 60or above are eligible to compete and matches are home and away played in Betterball Stableford.

Harry Solomon

Regarded by some as the most sought after League Trophy in the Western Province, this league consists of 16 players and is the only handicap league available to members. Age is irrelevant, but you need to be a handicap of between 10 – 18. This league also works on a home and away basis over 18 holes. Westlake has done extremely well in this league over the years.

How to enter

We put out league sheets in the foyer 6 weeks before the start of the respective leagues. If you would like to be considered for any of these teams, simply put your name down on the sheets provided.  For any further information regarding the leagues please contact our Golf Director, Nicolaas Lochner


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