Latest news – bar restrictions etc.

Good morning everyone,

This newsletter contains very important news that has serious implications regarding operating hours of the club house, so please read attentively.

The following was published on Wednesday and is applicable with immediate effect:

Government Gazette
Vol. 657 18 March 2020 No. 43107

(4) All on-consumption premises selling liquor referred to in sub-regulation (1)
must be closed —
(i) between 18:00 and 09:00 the next morning on weekdays and Saturdays; and
(ii) from 13:00 on Sundays and public holidays.

This is simply not negotiable and we are not able to bend the rules.

Please note:

You may not bring your own drink onto the premises and you may not consume alcohol outside the specified hours. Ie. You must be finished your drink by 18h00 Monday to Saturday, or 13h00 on a Sunday or public holiday.

In addition the Government Gazette also states the following:

Limitation on the sale, dispensing or transportation of liquor

8. (1) All on-consumption premises selling liquor, including taverns, restaurants and clubs, must be closed with immediate effect, or must accommodate no more than 50 persons at any  time: Provided that adequate space is available and that all directions in respect of hygienic conditions and limitation of exposure to persons with COVID-19, are adhered to.

The club is complying by removing most seating and having adequate spacing between tables to allow adequate social distancing. What this means in practice is that not more than 50 members/visitors and staff may be on the premises making use of the bar or its facilities at any one time.

We appeal to everyone to please have a maximum of two rounds only after your game and then leave immediately, so that players who played after you can also enjoy a round before going home. The staff have been instructed not to serve anyone more than this as we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to enjoy a round before they go home. We realise this is far from ideal, but we must comply and stop this virus in its tracks. If the limit of 50 people is reached, the players coming off the course will not be permitted to sit or have a drink.

If everyone complies, we can keep this plan in place. If it does not work, we will have no option but to implement a 1 tee start and limit the number of 4 balls coming off the course at any 1 time. Worst case scenario is that if these rules are not complied with, we will be forced to close the bar entirely, which is obviously not the route we would wish to take.

Very important
This Saturday is a public holiday and the bar will close at 13h00.

If we are seen to not be complying with these regulations, the club could lose its liquor licence and run the risk of being closed down entirely.

• Friday night draws are also cancelled with immediate effect until further notice.

From the golf course

Raymond is hard at work out there and has the following news:

Cynodon on the greens.

Cynodon continues to be a problem on some of our greens. As such, the Greens Committee has taken the decision to start seeding temporary greens at the 13th and the 16th. Both of which are badly covered in cynodon. Our reason for doing so now, is because should we decide to re-do these two greens in the coming spring, we would like to already have these temporary greens well established and as close as possible to our existing greens before then. This will save us a lot of time should we decide to re-do the 13th and the 16th greens. It will also ensure that we have high quality temporary greens, should we need them.
Other greens that are of concern include the 3rd, 17th and the back portion of the putting green. Fortunately these greens can be re-seeded while the new par 3 is in play, without causing too much disruption to golf.
Please take note, a final decision on whether or not we will be re-doing the greens at the 13th and the 16th has not been made. We are just making sure that we have good options available to us in the event that we decide to re-do them.

Other course news

Now that the SA Ladies Open is behind us, we will be placing a large emphasis on preparing the golf course for the up and coming Club Championships. Most of the work being done will be the removal of dead Poa Annua areas, which we will replace with Kikuyu from our Kikuyu nursery.

Golf Days

Covid – 19 has changed all our lives in in every possible way and this includes our life at Westlake – the steps we have undertaken with the guidance of higher authority is to ensure that we do everything possible to safe guard the health and lives of our members, guests and in fact everyone in any way connected to our Club. One of the consequences of this is the resultant loss of income to our already stretched revenue stream, i.e. no prize giving, limited trading hours, limitation of members / guests in any gathering and so on.

Westlake Golf Club relies heavily on the additional income that is derived from golf days / corporate days. The current situation has resulted in a number of these lucrative golf days be either being moved or cancelled. We cannot afford to lose any additional income and with no Thursdays available later in this year, the Committee has agreed to make Friday afternoons available as required.

We are aware that other golf clubs are implementing the same strategy to accommodate these days and to ensure that we do not lose this necessary income to other clubs, we will be implementing the same strategy.

We thank you for your understanding

Bunker ruling

From today, we will be removing the rakes from all bunkers. When in a bunker, players are encouraged to use clubs or feet to smooth sand as far as possible. As an interim measure, a free drop in the bunker, no nearer the hole, will be permitted. The greens team will rake all bunkers before play daily as usual. The R & A are considering this matter and will make a final ruling for all clubs in due course. We will communicate this as soon as it becomes available.

Finally on a positive note, Jack Black, Camelthorn and Stellenbrau are still on special!

Thanks for your attention everyone. Together we can do this!

Best wishes,
Management and Committee

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