Farewell Doug Boyd

Hello everyone,

We begin this week with some sad news, namely the passing of one of our members, Doug Boyd, over the Easter weekend.

He was 81 and had been a member of Westlake for 36 years. He was one of the original Frogs players in 2000, ran Wags for 2013 and 2014 and also ran Birthday Boys from 2015 to 2017. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Rosalie and family. I am informed that there will be a wake at Westlake at some time in the future when things are back to normal.

With regard to the course, hollowtining would have taken place on the 20th April. Ideally we would have liked to complete the hollowtining during lockdown but regrettably we are not permitted to do so and a decision on a revised date can only be taken once we hear when the lockdown will be lifted and what restrictions will remain in place. Unfortunately this delay will result in further loss of tee of times, but it is essential for us to ensure healthy greens. Currently we may only do essential maintenance, with a maximum of 15% of our grounds staff (which is 3 people) being utilised at any one time. Once we have heard from the President on what will transpire after 30 April, we will have a clearer picture and inform everyone accordingly. The course remains healthy and Raymond and his team are doing a sterling job.

While on the subject of the lockdown and uncertainty over what will happen after 30th April, it must be noted that Raymond and his team will need at least 2 days to get the course into playable condition.

• We are only permitted 3 staff to do basic maintenance and our usual staff compliment on the course is 25. There is a lot of work to be done before the course is ready for play.
• Similarly, the clubhouse will also need to be attended to. We took every precaution to safeguard all Club assets including TV’s, P.A. systems, point of sale machines and computers, stock, furniture and fittings. They have all been disconnected and locked away and will need to be recommissioned.
• If the lockdown is not extended we will only open the course on the 3rd May under the conditions stipulated by Golf RSA and CMASA.

It is too early to give any final indication of when we will open, as there remains uncertainty about whether sports clubs (including golf) will be permitted to open immediately. We are in constant touch with the representatives of our various golfing bodies and will advise you as soon as we have clarity.

Bookings for tee times

As alluded to above, it is too early to know when we will open. The admin staff have received numerous bookings for tee times from 1 May, but until we have certainty about when we may open and how many people may play, whether these will be 4 balls, 2 balls, how many players will be permitted etc., we cannot open the tee sheets. Golf RSA and CMASA are busy lobbying with the appropriate government departments to establish what these guidelines are and as soon as we have clarity, we will send out a special broadcast to all members informing you all of these details. Like you, we are aching to get back, but we must be guided by government. As soon as we know, you will know.

A quick reminder that Club Championships have been postponed. Any new dates will only be decided once we have clarity about what the future holds.

Caddie and casuals lockdown fund

Your generosity with the lockdown funds for our caddies and casuals has been phenomenal. We passed on food vouchers to all the caddies again late last week and made payments into the casual’s bank accounts. There is a complete audit trail of all income and payments for this fund. The total amount raised to date is R66 450 and the total amount paid out to date is R40 400. Thank you!

We have received numerous messages of thanks form casuals and caddies alike for your generosity. They are extremely grateful!

We wait to hear what the President has to say on Thursday evening about possible partial lifting of the lockdown and should all know more after that.

Be safe everyone and just a word of greeting from the staff and committee who are all aching to get back and serve our wonderful club.

Best wishes,
David & the team

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