And still we wait in hope…

Hello everyone,

It has been a rather frustrating week, with the entire golf industry on tenterhooks awaiting any word from the Ministry of Sport about possible re-opening.

The latest news is a positive step in the right direction. You can read the letter to all clubs about the feedback we received on Tuesday evening here. I have heard from a number of members this week and the overriding question is, “When can members return and play golf?” We share your frustration. Select staff have been hard at work making preparations for your return and now we wait. Rest assured, as soon as we know anything more, you will know.

As a matter of interest, time sheets are currently closed. It makes no sense to leave them open and allow members to book games that won’t materialise. The moment we know we can return, we will advise all members about how you can book.

I have finally got some news about Duncan Hammond. He has very little family in the area and he will be privately cremated. Once the club is open, his family have requested his ashes be scattered at Westlake and we will hold a celebration of his life at the club. Thanks to Martin Hill for his assistance with this.

Course & Club news

The maintenance on the course continues. You can read all about it here. We are increasing the levels of safety for our staff from this week, and will be taking essential staff’s temperature when they arrive at the gate and keeping a log book of everyone’s data, so that should there be any queries relating to infections at a later stage, we can refer back to our records. Brendan Mackay Leslie continues to do an incredible job with security and the entire team currently keeping the course maintained should be commended.

Behind the scenes, we also continue to work as hard as possible, keeping accounts and memberships up to date and providing the trustees with much needed data in this ever-changing situation we find ourselves in. Management and admin staff who are able to work, have been fantastic and their enthusiasm remains as high as ever.

Like all of you, I think not knowing when this will all end is our biggest challenge. It is easy to do a cash flow projection when you have an end date and know what areas of the Club may re-open. The tough part comes, when you have no hard data and must still try and produce meaningful figures. On the positive side it certainly keeps us on our toes and busy!

We miss you!

On a personal level, as the staff who love to assist and serve you all, we would all like to say how much we miss seeing you all every day, chatting to you, helping sort out problems and just having you all in our daily lives. That is the part I miss most… That feeling of satisfaction when you are able to assist a member who is really struggling with something and not only assist, but do so with a smile and see the pleasure or relief that your intervention brings. It is what makes us do this job and believe me, we all miss all of you!

On a more humorous note, I saw a golfer taking his golf bag and trolley on a morning walk the other day while out for a run! I guess he wants to be golf fit when we return. I hope many of you are getting out on these beautiful clear, fresh mornings and enjoying a little exercise.

I really hope that by the time the next newsletter goes out, we will have more clarity on when we can all get back to the club and game we all love.

Keep safe and well.

Best wishes,
David & the Westlake team

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